that song in my head

that song in my head

Saturday, January 8, 2011

lions and tigers and storage units, oh my!

i was driving around BA/tulsa today and noticed at least 3-4 storage facilities. obviously, business must be booming if there are that many just within a few miles of each other. i just keep thinking about what the bible says about our heart and our treasure. is our heart with jesus, or is it with stuff? i'd like to think to myself that i don't have such a problem with "stuff," since i have no storage unit filled to capacity, but....andrew brought up an interesting point today. when he asked me how many shoes i had, i honestly had no idea. he estimated forty....FORTY. i know there are women with more pairs than that, but it's still an incredible amount. it makes me think about the guy who started toms shoes and how he gives a pair to a child who has NONE....and i have approximately 40.

while i do LOVE shoes, i pray i never have so many that i "need" to rent a storage unit.


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