that song in my head

that song in my head

Thursday, November 11, 2010

some perspective

I was just thinking about a special patient of ours. She was a super lady that was loved by everyone on the floor. She was in breast cancer remission...or so we thought. She passed away on Monday. It was a complete shock to our floor, because we had all been told that they had gotten all her cancer. I know, as a believer in our Lord Jesus Christ, that she is exactly where she wanted to be. She is, at this moment, being comforted by my Savior. What an amazing makes death a little less frightening really.

I take comfort in knowing that there IS a place prepared for us after we leave this life. Thank God that this ISN'T all there is...there is so much wrong in the world...I think it would depress me if I had nothing to look forward to.

After she passed away, everyone that was bombarded by the news kept saying "Thank God she isn't suffering anymore," or "At least we know where she is." That is so very true....but...why are we SO willing to be confident in the eternal salvation of others, but not of ourselves? Even sometimes when I say "I'm going to Heaven. I'm going to see my Jesus," secretly in my head I keep thinking "I hope..." There is nothing I can DO to earn this salvation....all I can do is lay myself down at Jesus' feet and crucify that person I so desperately don't want to be.

So thank you, you wonderful, beautiful, godly woman. You've given me some perspective. I want to be where you are.