that song in my head

that song in my head

Monday, September 27, 2010

Madame Blueberry

Jude is obsessed with this Veggie Tales DVD called Madame Blueberry. It's about this blueberry who has lots of stuff, but can't be happy because all she wants is more. She even has pictures of all her neighbor's things that she wants...or thinks she needs to be happy. She goes to "Stuff Mart" (which strangely reminds me of IKEA...) and starts buying all these things to be "happy." She comes across a little boy who doesn't get what he wants at the store, but is happy anyway, because he knows that a thankful heart is a happy heart...or so the song goes. In the end she realizes that she wants a thankful heart and asks the salesmen what aisle it's on. Much to their dismay, they have to confess that she can't find a thankful heart at Stuff Mart.

This little show makes me (obviously) think about our much pressure there is to have more...pardon me...crap. That's exactly what it all is. We all strive to have whatever the hottest celebrity has, but look at how many of them end up in some kind of rehab because they turned to drugs, alcohol, or sex because all the stuff in the world couldn't make them happy.

God has tremendously blessed me. I need to keep in mind that while he has provided me with a good job and income, my job in life is not to provide myself with all the things that I desire, but to love Him and love others.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

all i wanna do is grow old with you

as i climed out of my pontiac today at wal-mart, i saw this couple getting out of their car. they were probably in their late 70s. before i could realize my train of thought...i was jealous of this couple. i'll admit it, at first i was embarrassed that i was jealous of this much older couple...but then i thought, why am i embarrassed. they have so many years of love between the two of them. how wonderful is that?!?! harry connick jr says this in "ps, i love you" and i adore it...

"We're so arrogant, aren't we? So afraid of age, we do everything we can to prevent it. We don't realize what a privilege it is to grow old with someone. Someone who doesn't drive you to commit murder or doesn't humiliate you beyond repair."

i pray i am blessed and privileged enough to grow old with my husband.
emily charline